Key West Shark Fishing

Key West Shark Fishing

Key West is a home to a lot of sharks. Some say too many, we have reef sharks, sandbar sharks, bull sharks, lemon shark black tip sharks, 3 types of hammerheads! That is just naming the common sharks.

In addition to have wide variety of shark species, we have wide variety of environments in which to fish for them in.

You can target sharks specifically or often they will show up while fishing for other fish. You can fish for them on the reef of wrecks, with light or heavy gear, you can even sight fish for them on the flats. You can catch sharks on flies in Key West.

It is kind of shark fishing paradise really if you think about it. We even have appearances by Mako and great white sharks although it has been many years since someone caught one.

On this site I will cover all the details of how and where to fish for sharks in Key West so stop back again soon.